Case Study: Brand Loyalty CGF – Custom Rental


A client from Europe approached us to build and install a one-time, brand new, high-end custom RENTAL booth, on a 20×20 ft hexagonal footprint, but on a tight timeline. The booth, designed by a Dutch firm, was to be used as a hospitality Coffee bar at the World Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The bar was to serve coffee made from beans sourced from another exhibitor at the show.

The unique design included a requirement for an overhead structure with multiple large scale, 2.9mm pitch LED tile screens, but at the same time, total build height was limited to 3200mm. The client’s requirement was to build and operate the booth complete with a 3G Espresso Machine, refrigeration, hand washing station, all necessary condiments- as well as a full crew of Baristas and hostesses throughout the event’s duration. As a rigged structure, the overhead element had to have a mandatory Engineering Certificate as per show requirements.

The WiiKan Way

To produce all the above, WiiKAN only had SIXTEEN business days from sign-off to installation date. Our designers had rapidly re-designed the overhead hanging element to work with available local AV LED tile inventory and to remain within the height constraints. The overhead element was engineered to hang from a ceiling-rig with accurate precision to fit above the bottom structures and was certified by our affiliated Engineering firm. The fabrication of the custom framing and carpentry parts was assigned to several different fabricators in order to meet the tight deadline.

For the non-structural aspects of this project, WiiKAN has appointed a dedicated producer to address the many details relating to the operational aspects of this booth, from sourcing the specific barista machinery to handling client’s incoming supplies, and from addressing production issues to training the booth’s crew.

The resulting booth served as a main hospitality hub on the event floor and received positive reviews from staff and visitors alike. As a “legacy” of this event, WiiKAN now owns a unique “invisible” overhead LED tile framing structure, available for rent in town for similar events.