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From inception to execution, Wiikan is your trusted partner for custom trade show displays in Vancouver. We meticulously manage every step, from innovative exhibit design, optimal material sourcing, pre-show staging, to comprehensive exhibit logistics. Seeking a modern trade show booth or a pop-up trade show booth rental? Or perhaps an automotive showroom graphic program? Transition smoothly from vision to on-ground reality with Wiikan, ensuring your brand remains front and center.

Award-Winning Booth Designs

Elevate your brand presence with our exceptional trade show booth designs. In a bustling exhibit space, our custom booths and commercial LCD displays offer unparalleled differentiation. Whether it’s a 10×20 trade show booth, vibrant retail spaces, or interactive showrooms, Wiikan crafts memorable visitor-centric experiences.

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With a footprint in over sixty global events annually, Wiikan’s prowess in trade show fabrication and exhibit marketing is unmatched. Our collaborations span Fortune 500 giants to agile startups and government agencies. Whether it’s a portable trade show display, custom exhibit rentals, or display signage, lean on Wiikan’s expertise for maximum ROI

Custom Design & Product Solutions

Collaborate with us for tailor-made turn-key projects, and explore our diverse product categories available for purchase or rent.

Large Format Graphics

Onni Group - 20×10 commercial booth in Condo Sales event at the Marriot Parq Vancouver.

Digital Signage

Richmond Mini - Outdoor Silicone-Edge-Graphics

Outdoor Signage

Vancouver Trade Shows


Dive into Vancouver’s leading event for design enthusiasts! Wiikan specializes in custom trade show displays and booth designs, ensuring exhibitors stand out. Explore the latest trends with our innovative, award-winning exhibit designs and make a lasting impression at this must-attend show. Thinking of showcasing? Contact us for a free consultation on custom booth designs or rentals today and elevate your brand’s presence!

Sept. 28 – Oct. 01, 2023

Experience Pharmacy U, where pharmacists bridge dispensary expertise with frontshop innovations. At Wiikan, our custom trade show booth designs and exhibit displays ensure your brand captures attention. Immerse attendees in your solutions using our specialized, award-winning trade show setups. Ready to make an impact? Reach out for a free consultation on custom or rental booth designs and shine at this pivotal event!

on Nov. 04, 2023

Step into ProjectWorld * BusinessAnalystWorld, where practical skills meet groundbreaking products for unparalleled project success. With Wiikan, highlight your expertise through our custom trade show displays and innovative booth designs. Our modern trade show booths can be tailored to showcase your solutions, ensuring you meet project expectations every time. Want to be a game-changer at the event? Contact us for a free consultation on tailor-made or rental booth designs today!

Nov. 13 – 15, 2023

Navigating your future? Join Vancouver’s premier event spotlighting global post-secondary opportunities. Beyond booth displays, we’ve transformed educational stalls into interactive experiences. Seeking a custom trade show display or considering a booth rental for your institution? Contact us today for a free consultation and elevate your presence at the ECF. Stand out and inspire the next generation!

on Nov. 27, 2023


Dive into Canada’s grandest celebration of gluten-free living. We’ve enhanced exhibitor experiences, turning simple stalls into captivating custom commercial displays. Showcasing gluten-free delights? Need a modern trade show booth design or considering a booth rental? Secure your standout space with us. Reach out for a free consultation and let your gluten-free brand shine brighter than ever! Join, taste, learn, and thrive with the gluten-free community.

Jan. 13 – 14, 2024

Navigate the vast ocean of the Vancouver International Boat Show, the prime destination for boating enthusiasts. Amplify your maritime brand’s presence with our custom trade show booth designs and commercial displays. Exploring booth rental options or need a distinctive trade show display? Anchor your spot with us! Schedule a free consultation today and make waves with your marine products. Experience the innovation and evolution of boating in Western Canada.

Jan. 31 – Feb. 04, 2024

Set sail towards Vancouver’s premier marine event! Make a splash with a bespoke booth, showcasing the essence of your nautical brand. Considering custom trade show displays or a booth rental? With our award-winning designs and expansive experience, we help maritime brands drop anchor in style. Dive in, and let us craft your oceanic vision. Book a free consultation now and ensure your brand stands tall amidst the marine magnificence.

Feb. 08 – 11, 2024

Join the environmental vanguard at Vancouver’s GLOBE Forum. Elevate your eco-conscious brand’s visibility with our custom trade show booth designs and commercial displays. Considering green innovation showcases or unique booth rentals? Partner with us for a design that embodies sustainability and corporate growth. Connect with global leaders and make your mark on responsible development. Ready to position your brand at the forefront? Secure a free consultation today and champion a sustainable tomorrow.

Feb. 13 – 15, 2024

Step into the future with Buildex Vancouver, the nexus for property aficionados and construction innovators. Amplify your brand’s stature with our custom trade show displays and booth designs tailored for the real estate and construction sector. Seeking a standout booth rental or a distinctive exhibit for interior design and architecture insights? Collaborate with us to craft a presence that resonates with property managers and renovation professionals. Ready to pioneer the next architectural trend? Reach out for a free consultation today and redefine property management.

Feb. 14 – 15, 2024

Elevate your brand’s presence in the realm of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming at FanExpo Vancouver. From custom trade show booth designs to immersive commercial displays, let us bring your creative visions to life. Whether showcasing comic artistry or the latest in gaming tech, stand out with our award-winning designs. Interested in a custom booth rental or a distinct trade show display? Connect with us! Secure a free consultation today and capture the hearts of fans and enthusiasts. Dive into a universe of endless possibilities and fandom engagement.
Feb. 17 – 19, 2024

Emerge as a standout brand amidst nature enthusiasts at Vancouver’s premier event for outdoor adventures. Showcase your innovations in hiking, camping, cycling, mountaineering, and more with our custom trade show booth designs and commercial displays. Offering everything from booth rentals to captivating exhibit designs, we’ll ensure your products shine brightly. Tempted to elevate your outdoor product’s presence? Contact us for a free consultation on custom booths or display rentals. Ignite the spirit of adventure and engage directly with passionate attendees seeking the best in outdoor gear and experiences.

March 02 – 03, 2024

Ride into the spotlight at the foremost cycling event in Western Canada. Amplify your brand’s momentum with our tailor-made trade show booth designs and commercial displays, optimized for the vibrant world of biking. Whether it’s innovative gear, cycle wear, or cutting-edge accessories, our custom booth and rental options ensure you lead the peloton. Keen to accelerate your cycling brand’s impact? Reach out for a free consultation on custom displays or booth rentals. Engage with cycling aficionados and drive brand recognition in this dynamic arena.

March 02 – 03, 2024

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