Work Samples' Gallery (clients in alphabetical order)


Tradeshow booth

A 20x20ft Trade Show Booth for the World Lottery Summit. 

Designed by Simon Hayden HD&P – UK.

Production and Build by Wiikan. 

ACL Systems - Galvanize (now Diligent)

Tradeshow booth

This 30x30ft Custom Designed RENTAL booth at a Vancouver BC and a subsequent Dallas TX show becomes events’ hotspot. Reception Counter, Overhead Double sided Light-boxes, Custom iPAD hangers Demo Stations as well as a full Frontal Presentation Theatre.

Modes Inc. WCUC23

Tradeshow booth

This 10x20ft Custom Designed RENTAL booth at a Vancouver BC

Orag Porsche inst

Showroom graphics


SuperAnnotate CVPR23

Tradeshow booth​



Showroom graphics

Three Color back-lit exterior and Non-lit interior Grand Format fabric graphic prints for ACURA  showroom in Kelowna BC. This particular client has proven keen on frequent graphics’ replacements as soon as  new models launch.

Adidas Professional

Store graphics

Wall mounted lightboxes in several sizes inside a wholesale commercial sports outlet store, with replaceable Grand Format SEG banners.


Tradeshow booth

A small 10×10 custom rental exhibit for a young and up and coming company,  launching their product line of dedicated LED lighting solutions for agricultural use.


Store graphics

Highway theme Campaign of 130 backdrop graphics for various stores in 32 different sizes with 12 different graphic images.

Anthem Properties

Tradeshow booth

A clean and crisp 20×8 Custom- Hybrid trade-show booth for Anthem Properties at ICSC Whistler. Back and side structural light-boxes, create an intimate setting, flip-L small group conference tables make best use of limited foot print. 60″ flat screens project continuous property info. As the company re-branded, booth was reskinned (and a screen was added) to reflect the new Branding.

AWEX Wallonia

Tradeshow booth

A 20×15 foot booth constructed from our Custom Rental inventory components for an Overseas ( Belgium) client exhibiting at Globe Forum in Vancouver. Back drop wall from two staggered large format backlit lightbox frames and graphics created a visibly bold statement with clean European flair.

Axiom Industries

Tradeshow booth

A 20x20ft custom design and production of a USA bound booth for an out of town company. Design development followed by Vancouver based manufacturing, signed off by clients who flew in for staging approval

BC Hydro

Tradeshow booth

Structural Design of wooden quick-connecting wooden substrae flat panels’ wall system for the client, to be used in different events. Graphic coverage is full vinyl installed on site

BC Fresh

Tradeshow booth

A 116×111 inch free standing lightbox used for a Tradeshow booth backdrop, which doubles down as a Lobby backlit mural in between shows.

Bentall Kennedy

Tradeshow booth

A 20x8ft tradeshow booth for a Commercial Property Management show. Large central TV screen for properties presentation, lightbox graphics, meeting tables.

A series of in-mall permanent as well as temporary localized rental kiosks, for various events, in various malls managed by the Exhibitor

BoConcept / Inspirations

Store and Tradeshow graphics

Free standing Light-Box back drop elements, to be used both at Trade-Shows as well as within the companies’ showrooms, with multiple replaceable Graphic Features.

BMW Dealerships

Showroom graphics

Non-lit Wall Mounted Grand Format fabric graphic prints for various BMW showrooms in the lower mainland BC for multiple Auto Groups.

Brand Loyalty

Tradeshow booth

High-end custom RENTAL booth, on a 20×20 ft hexagonal footprint. The booth, designed by a Dutch firm, was to be used as a hospitality Coffee bar at the World Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


Tradeshow booth

Custom fabric light-box with embedded flat screen TV and LED light-box backdrop booth at CHFA show.

Forma Athletics

Store graphics

Non-lit store replaceable SEG fabric graphics in West Vancouver retail store.

Honda Dealerships

Showroom graphics

Showroom wide SEG Lightbox with a unique specialty sourced and manipulated “Fusion” image of a Honda F1 car and a Civic Type R. Time-lapse shows on-site installation process.


Tradeshow booth

Scalable 40x10ft Custom Trade-Show booth for ExpoWest and NRA shows. A large portion of the booth is dedicated for cooking and serving food samples.

GM Canada

Tradeshow graphics

Full Size shaped Grand Format fabric print, for Chevy Camaro Wall at a Vancouver Autoshow.

Guard RFID

Tradeshow booth

20ft wide 8ft high free standing lightbox for booth Backdrop with replaceable SEG graphics. Client had purchased a single unit with several prints, and from time to time will rent additional units for multiple simultaneous shows.

IBC Boilers / Intergas

Tradeshow booth

A custom build set of components meant to enable a 15×10, 20×10 and 20×20 foot print trade-show booth for a Residential Boiler Manufacturer. Design consisting of a Back-lit backdrop and product demo islands carrying complete heavy units, with backlit “Flag” signage elements. A later addition included an 10x10x3ft overhead lightbox ring to promote a glowing branded floor presence. Time-lapse is 20x20ft application at a Vancouver show.

ICBC Drivers' Centres

Store graphics

Grand format SEG replaceable graphics to create a retail experience consistent with new branding. Graphics  installed at retail locations across the Lower Mainland and at head office. Graphics that were up to thirty-five feet wide by eight feet high. Several rounds of mock ups ensured end result met the client’s strict branding standards and ensured dye-sublimation.

J&M Home

Tradeshow booth

Custom 30x20ft Trade Show Booth, light residential furniture pieces, rental hard wall panels to mimic the look and feel of a drywall interior wall

Kanata Blankets

In-office showroom

Permanent showroom in a brand new building that would elegantly showcase all of their suppliers and products under the Kanata brand.

Konscious Foods

Custom Booth

A brand-new, custom booth measuring 30×20 ft to launch their tradeshow program, beginning with Expo West 2023 in Anaheim, CA.

Lambda Solutions

Tradeshow booth

A 10×10 or a 15×10 ft custom modular tradeshow booth for a Software company. Custom “Light-bridge” structure along the rear wall cleanly glows with clear branding and lights up the standard print of the main back drop. A long meeting counter used for clients’ interactions. Booth components packed into a compact crate to minimize shipping costs.

Lamborghini Vancouver

Sales' Event booth Installation

A Lamborghini dealership in-store installation for a 10 day VIP sales event promoting Lamborghini Huracan STO Edition. White hard panel walls for space definition, carrying two 65″ LCD screens with minimalistic interior graphic treatment but full size exterior vinyl window graphics.

Land Rover - Jaguar

Showroom graphics

Non-lit graphics for bay and personal office in Jaguar Land Rover in Langley BC store.

Lexus Dealerships

Showroom graphics

Fabric graphics at lounge, ORAG and Non-lit fabric graphics, ORAG at Lexus Richmond store and at REGENCY Lexus Vancouver store.

MacDonald Commercial Realty

Tradeshow booth

A 10x8ft tradeshow booth for a Commercial Property Management show. Large TV screens for continuous presentation of property slides, lightbox graphics, meeting table.

Mazda Dealership

Showroom graphics

Personal Office Art panels, direct print to substrate; images compliment Graphic items supplied by Head Office

Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

Showroom graphics

Non-lit fabric graphics, Corner fitting LED Light-box, Custom light-box, 2000 x 600 mm SlimWorx 20 mm thick lightbox in various Mercedes Benz Dealerships.


Showroom graphics (indoors)

Custom Non-lit fabric SEG and Vinyl showroom graphics,  at Mini Richmond BC store, in 2020 graphics migrated to new MINI and Pre-Owned store.


Showroom graphics (outdoors)

Custom Non-lit fabric 15x10ft Outdoor Silicone-Edge-Graphics unit at Mini Richmond BC store. 


Showroom Graphics

Non-lit SEG graphics, various custom sizes at new Infiniti Burnaby Dealership.


Tradeshow Booth

A 20x30ft Trade Show Booth for the World Lottery Summit.

Designed by Beiman Cohen Biran- Israel.

Production and Build by Wiikan.

ONNI Group (Commercial)

Tradeshow booth

A 10x8ft expandable to a 20x8ft tradeshow booth for a Commercial Property Management show. 65″ TV screen for properties’ presentation, full lightbox graphics backdrop and side wall, meeting tables and hard copy brochure stand.

ONNI Group (Residential)

Tradeshow booth

20×20 rental booth in Residential Condo Sales event at the Marriot Parq Vancouver.

Open Road Auto Group

Tradeshow graphics

Custom made Free standing double sided Light-box backdrop units, four side inner-lit Free Standing Graphic Columns, Reception Counter for Trade-show events. 

Open Road Porsche

Showroom graphics

Non-lit fabric graphics, service area, ORAG Langley BC store.

Open Road Rolls Royce

Tradeshow graphics

Custom made Free standing double sided Light-box backdrop units, and double-sided Free Standing Spire units, build to Roll Royce media specifications.

Open Road VW Audi

Showroom graphics

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Tradeshow booth

This 20×20 custom rental booth for OPPO Mobile was a bespoke design and a custom fabrication for an inbound US-based exhibitor participating at the SIGGRAPH Vancouver show. This project had six weeks from first contact to build completion on site.

Organika Health Food

Tradeshow booth

Custom 30×10 and 20×20 scale-able island booth for CHFA shows. Booth won Design award at its debut at the CHFA show.

PCL Construction

Tradeshow booth

LED light-box backdrop booth with custom counter at ICSC show, Whistler BC.

Proline Advanced Nutrition

Tradeshow booth

A 20x10ft booth with full width SEG fabric backdrop, used to launch a food supplements Brand and branded carpet with embedded logo

Premier Audio

Lobby Interior Design

Interior Design for a entry Lobby / Meeting room section of a showroom for an Audio-Video- Smart Home contracting company. Wiikan Provided the design, to be built by the client’s own team.

Quadreal Properties

Tradeshow booth

A Custom Rental meeting room setup in a Commercial Properties’ Conference. Rental Presentation kiosks with 48″ screens, with round meeting tables and chairs

Ritchie Bros.

Tradeshow booth

A 40x10ft Custom one-time Rental booth for a major US mining show. Booth used to launch a cutting edge on-line auction tool, enabling visitors to experience the app first hand on the interactive kiosks in the booth.


Tradeshow booth

A 30×10 Custom corner booth at CommunicAsia Singapore show. Booth was designed as a one time event for this Start-up client, fully fabricated and installed in Singapore by a local booth builder.


Tradeshow booth

A 40X20ft Trade Show Booth for the International Builder’s Show.
Custom-made fire-resistant drywall units showcasing Urbana’s luxurious fire places in a minimalist and elegant way.

Designed by Wiikan.
Production and Build by Wiikan.

Valor Radiant

Tradeshow booth

The outer surface of the 40×40 booth format was solely used for Grand Format SEG informative branding on all four exterior walls, while the inner space (“Plaza”) was solely used for product presentation, including four gas burning Fire place units. Booth was designed for modularity and t enable exhibiting in different size spaces at different shows.


Tradeshow booth

A 20×10 ft custom modular tradeshow booth for a local Construction company. Custom “Light-bridge” structure along the rear wall cleanly glows with clear branding and lights the standard print of the main back drop. A long curved meeting counter used for clients’ interactions, following registration at a seperate info counter.

Windset Farms

Tradeshow booth

50×30 Custom Trade Show Booth at PMA / CPMA shows. Front wall containing a light-box on the out facing side, and 80” screen on the inner facing side, complemented with a floating ceiling piece to tie the space together. Bar and VIP meeting stage, as well as a rental prep and tasting counter, staffed by a local restaurant’s Chefs.

YVR World Duty Free

Store graphics

Corner fitting LED Light-box graphics, YVR airport store.


Concept renders

In most cases, our Custom Design process starts with exploring several design alternatives with the goal of  matching our clients’ vision while remaining within their budget framework. The images shown represent the different level of visually communicating our ideas to the clients’ stakeholders, at Final Presentation imagery.