Virtual Trade Show Presentation

In the Post-COVID world, constructing your Virtual Reality Trade-show booth or Brand Environment, has become the necessary New Normal.

Treat your clients and prospects to your unique Technologically ground-breaking Immersive and Interactive Branded Virtual Reality Environment, available any time, accessible from anywhere, and designed in any way your imagination takes you.

WiiKAN’s team will design your booth from scratch or convert your existing “physical” booth design into a VMERSSIVE VR environment which will effectively collect comprehensive visitors’ data during a Virtual Tradeshow Event.

This cutting edge VR platform will also allow you to run demos, webinars and chats, for inter-organizational training as well as for external sales and marketing purposes, 24/7 – 365.

Click on images below for examples of typical booth conversion with working “buttons”; contact us to schedule an online walk-through and learn how we can attain and maintain your brand’s, anywhere anytime 3D virtual trade-show presence.