Case Study: Konscious


Konscious approached us with the goal of designing and fabricating and launching a brand-new, custom booth measuring 30×20 ft to launch their tradeshow program, beginning with Expo West 2023 in Anaheim, CA. They sought an inviting space that would exude freshness, vibrancy, and modernity, effectively enabling tasting of their high-end plant-based seafood product.

The WiiKan Approach

WiiKAN engaged in a collaborative three-phase design and development process (“CDDP”) with Konscious’ in-house marketing, technical, and creative teams. Our approach involved deeply understanding their requirements and vision. Through joint exploration of multiple design options, we successfully developed a solution that perfectly aligned with Konscious’ operational and branding needs for their long-term exhibit program.

Key Features

The booth design incorporated several key features. Three counters strategically positioned as sample stands allowed their culinary team to efficiently distribute product samples to visitors. An exclusive “preparation room” served as a dedicated kitchen space within the booth. Additionally, the design included a section for engaging potential customers and providing information about Konscious’ offerings.

Efficiency and Visual Impact

To optimize efficiency and ease of setup, the booth was constructed in the US, and shipped in pre-finished sections. The lightweight 10ft high SEG light-box frames of the exterior walls were all designed with quick connectors, enabling easy installation while maximizing visual impact.

Success and Recognition

The newly designed booth made its debut at the highly anticipated 2023 Expo West. It garnered enthusiastic praise from Konscious staff, industry partners, and even competitors, solidifying its effectiveness in capturing attention and generating positive impressions.

We are proud to have played a part in helping Konscious achieve their goals and create a remarkable booth that truly represents their brand and their award-winning product.