Case Study: The Open Road


Porsche wanted to refresh their showroom with high-quality signage that inspired the luxury experience for which Porsche is known. Wiikan was tasked with recommending the best solution, and overseeing the project from start to finish.

The WiiKan Way

In order to stay within Porche’s budget, a mix of twenty-five replaceable and non-replaceable FrameWorx graphics were created and placed in the showroom within the highest traffic areas. In lower traffic areas, such as the service shop, Econoworx graphics were leveraged. Content was also a consideration so that replaceable frames could be used in strategic areas where the dealership would want to feature the latest car models. A variety of sizes were used through out the showroom, creating an exhilarating visual experience. The client was fully satisfied with the whole process from recommendations and printing through to installation. Wiikan is now the go-to for support on future projects.