Case Study: Valor Radiant Fire Places


Valor approached us looking to design and fabricate a brand new 40×40 ft, custom booth for their tradeshow program, starting at the HBPExpo 2019 Dallas TX.

They felt they needed an enclosed space (“Castle”) with a bolder, sleeker, more modern appearance, to reflect their leadership position in their respective Market-place.

The WiiKan Way

WiiKAN have engaged in a three phase Collaborative Design Development Process (“CDDP”) with Valor’s in-house marketing, technical and creative teams, responding to their wish list and vision; after exploring multiple design options together, WiiKAN developed a design solution that best addressed the operational and branding requirements for the Valor’s long-term exhibit program. The outer surface of the 40×40 booth format was solely used for Grand Format SEG informative branding on all four exterior walls, while the inner space (“Plaza”) was solely used for product presentation, including four gas burning Fire place units. Separate presentation areas were dedicated to a “Feature Product”- with a special visual emphasis, to a Surfaces and Finishes zone, and to a Dealers’ meet-and-greet Informational zone. The booth was constructed and shipped in large pre-finished chunks with complete “Pods” containing pre-installed “plug and play” fire place units to enable quick and easy assembly on-site. The exterior walls were constructed from 10ft high lightweight SEG frames, with quick connectors to allow for minimal installation time and maximal visual impact.

The resulting new booth launched at the 2019 HPBExpo received rave reviews from Valor staff, their industry partners and competitors alike.