Case Study: Village Farms Fresh


Village Farms approached us with the objective of creating a custom rental booth for the CPMA 2024 event. They wanted to effectively showcase their commitment to locality and quality, while also establishing themselves as industry leaders. The booth needed to be visually striking and functional, reflecting their brand values and high-quality products.

The WiiKan Approach

WiiKAN focused on understanding Village Farms’ core values and the message they wanted to convey. By exploring multiple design concepts, we developed a solution that met their branding and operational requirements for the event.

Key Features

The booth design featured several important elements:

  • Prominent Branding: Large, illuminated signage and vibrant graphics showcasing Village Farms’ products and their commitment to local farming.
  • Sample Stations: Strategically placed counters for distributing product samples, allowing visitors to taste the quality of Village Farms’ produce.
  • Engagement Areas: Designated spaces for customer interaction and information dissemination, making it easy for visitors to learn about Village Farms’ offerings.
  • Preparation Space: A hidden preparation area to ensure seamless sample distribution and maintain the booth’s clean and inviting appearance.

Efficiency and Visual Impact

The booth was constructed with modular components for easy setup and dismantling. The use of lightweight materials and SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) light-box frames provided a high-impact visual experience while ensuring quick installation. The booth was pre-finished and shipped in sections, optimizing efficiency and reducing setup time

Success and Recognition

The Village Farms booth made a successful debut at CPMA 2024, drawing attention from attendees and industry professionals. The design effectively highlighted their commitment to quality and locality, reinforcing their status as industry leaders. The positive feedback from Village Farms’ team and visitors underscored the booth’s success in achieving its objectives.

We are proud to have partnered with Village Farms to create a booth that not only met but exceeded their expectations, contributing to their successful presence at CPMA 2024.