Case Study: Windset Farms


Windset Farms approached us looking to transform their existing 40×20 ft, three-year-old custom booth for the PMA / CPMA shows. They felt they needed a Stronger, bolder, more modern appearance, but wanted to keep as many parts as possible form the exiting booth – as they had already put a substantial investment in place.

The WiiKan Way

WiiKAN have engaged in a Collaborative Design Development Process with Windset’s in-house marketing and creative teams, responding to their wish list and vision; after exploring a myriad of design options together, Wiikan offered a design solution that would make partial use of existing parts, update them with accent LED lighting, recommended a different color scheme and new prints for the hanging circles. To those, Wiikan added a new bold main front wall containing a light-box on the out facing side, and 80” screen on the inner facing side, complemented with a floating ceiling piece to tie the space together.

The project turned out to be a “Grow As You Show” display, with new structural and presentation parts being added periodically to advance the overall ambience and functionality. For CPMA in Vancouver, their “home turf”, Windset has booked their largest ever 50×30 space, planning to have food and beverage served in he booth as well. The increased size required adding one-time “Fab-rental” parts to enhance cohesive look of the booth, as well as enable food service along the back edge of the booth. To complement the modern angular look and feel of the new parts, the older curved stage and round counter were updated and enlarged to reflect the new design language. The resulting new booth exceeded the client’s expectations: “…Trevor was VERY impressed with the chef space and design…nothing but positive feedback…looking forward to working with you in the future”